Meet Astrid

Feeling less than great but don’t know what to do? Or, you know what you should be doing but just can’t seem to do it? Feel like you have no will power to change things?


Hi! I’m Astrid and I teach smart, successful women and men how to reduce stress, improve health, and optimize performance to be the best version of themselves.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I used to lead a high stress lifestyle with a convenience food diet to match. I’m not sure what happened, my 30’s are a blur, but I found myself in my 40’s feeling like I was missing out on life.  I was over worked, overwhelmed, overweight, and it was ruining my health and shortening my life.

Not only overweight, I was also tired and achy all the time. I felt foggy and couldn’t remember things, I wasn’t sleeping well, and I kept having digestive issues. (Yikes!) Even my skin looked dull and wrinkled. I’m only in my 40’s. THIS SUCKS!

Clinically, doctors said nothing was wrong with me, but I refused to accept that this was all just normal aging and I was going to be stuck in life feeling like this.

So, I decided to get healthy.  I would try to do the right things but it was difficult to figure out what the “right things” were. The world of nutrition, diets, and exercise is vast, confusing, and contradictory. I tried lots of different things to improve how I felt and looked. Sometimes the “right things” weren’t easy or fun to do and sometimes the “right things” just weren’t right for my body. It was hard won education, but I did finally lose 70 lbs and vastly improved my mood and energy. The mental fog that I endured for more than 10 years lifted and my focus has returned. Now, I wake up from more restful sleep, without the aches and pains, ready to engage and enjoy the day.

I’ve learned what the real key is to upleveling my health and performance. Today, I am healthy, I cope with stress much better, I’m full of energy, and I look at least 10 years younger.  I can help you do the same.  Are you ready?

Are you ready to UPlevel your health and look and feel great again?

My journey to transform my health and body has inspired me to help other women and men. As a certified Health Coach, I’ve distilled the best, most effective information and practices into my signature programs. I can help you to reset your body so that you feel better, look better and age better. Not only that, but I’ve made it enjoyable and adaptable to your busy life. Don’t stay stuck in your health story, create new possibilities and schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Session. Learn what’s stopping you from having the health and energy that you want and what you can do about it right now.